The Power of Energy Healing

Fresh Start Health is really pleased to be working with Lynn Jackson a renowned vibrational energy healer who utilises a powerful approach to wellness and wellbeing developed over the course of twenty-five years of therapeutic practice to help clients break free of the unseen forces, negative energies that are silently sabotaging their personal and professional life.

Everything is Energy!

We live in an invisible world of energy which either positively or negatively impacts us, and whenever there is an imbalance towards the negative, we become prone to energy depletion or other difficulties, and this is a clear sign that some vibrational clearing and re-balancing are required.


These imbalances could manifest as :

  • Insomnia
  • Low energy
  • Mild depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Low libido and other sexual issues
  • Poor diet and/or stubborn weight gain

Irrespective of whether the surface challenges relate to health, finances, work or relationships, the function of a Healer is to access the underlying vibrational energy imprints that run like an unseen script beneath the surface and re-programme, re-route and re-boot as necessary and enable the body to galvanise the natural healing processes from within.

Lynn’s mission is simple : to provide energy solutions to energy problems, reconnecting you with your vitality, verve and enthusiasm at any age and stage of your life.

From the screen you’re looking at now, to the ocean and the trees, to the stars in the sky and the bed you sleep on at night — even your body — it’s all made of exactly the same stuff… Energy!

In fact, energy is literally pulsing through your body right now as you read these words — it’s shooting through so-called meridian lines in your body (the basis of acupuncture and SCENAR Therapy) and is swirling in vortices at the centre of your being (your chakras).

Sometimes this energy is positive. But often, it’s negative and self-destructive… causing our life to drop in vibration and shift out of gear.


Meet Lynn

“For over twenty-five years, I’ve been helping people work with the body’s natural energy systems to reclaim their health, enhance their vitality and fulfil their potential.

My work focuses upon the creation of an optimum bio-energy backdrop which allows the natural life force energy to flow. The results are better health, greater vitality, enhanced relationships and a more meaningful and satisfying career and lifestyle.

Your very uniqueness is your magic. There has never been – nor will there ever be – another YOU, and your alchemy is uncovering what makes your heart sing and understanding how your inner gifts can both nurture you and be shared with others.

When you truly recognise and believe this, you become an unstoppable force. This is Alchemy.

I would love to chat with you about how my work can help you step into your power and enjoy all that life wants to offer you, and warmly invite you to apply for a complimentary consultation to discover how we can work together to align your energies to your highest good”.

I can say with a full heart that Lynn is a miracle worker. She has energies and healing capacities the like of which I have never seen before!
AMS, Shanghai
AMS, Shanghai
I find it difficult to put my thoughts into words here. Lynn makes everything she does seem very easy and effortless, but it is actually nothing of the sort. I don’t know how she does what she does, but she is very skilful indeed, and our work together has been a real turning point.
Ian Downey, Surrey
Ian Downey, Surrey
Lynn is a veritable force of nature; healer, meditation teacher and life and business coach. She sets the bar high and anybody lucky enough to work with her can rest assured that they are in very capable hands.
Valerie Chilton Smith, trainer for The Healing Trust
Valerie Chilton Smith, trainer for The Healing Trust
My work with Lynn has completely changed my life. I am much calmer and more centred and feel so positive about everything. I have honestly never felt better.
Anna Heard, Lawyer, Berkshire
Anna Heard, Lawyer, Berkshire

Lynn’s work is powerful energy medicine that has to be experienced to be understood.  A session or series of sessions with her will certainly change your wellbeing and even your life path.

Special Introductory Session Fee : £50

Get in touch today and let’s see how changing your energy pattern can change your life!

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