Raw Food Workshops

What is raw food?
If you’re new to raw food and haven’t the first clue where to start, or you’ve been dabbling for a while and can’t seem to make it work for you, this page is for you. Whether you want to dabble just a little bit or dive right in with both feet, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you enjoy every aspect of your flirt with fresh raw and living foods and come to see it and experience it as an exciting adventure into a whole new world – which is what it really is!

“Raw food”, “the raw food diet”, “going raw” – perhaps you’ve heard these terms already or maybe you’ve only just come across them, but what exactly do they mean?

If you’ve been confused as to what it’s all about or even if this is the first time you’ve heard about it, don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone. Like most topics there’s a whole world of information out there about raw food and “the raw food diet” but it’s knowing which bits are useful to you and which bits you can trust that’s important. We can help you quickly, easily and in a way that makes total sense so you can see if eating more raw food is for you.


Raw food is, technically speaking, food that has not been heated above 48 degrees centigrade (117 degrees Fahrenheit). This usually means uncooked foods, or more specifically, foods in their natural state – nothing more, nothing less. By default this will mean foods that are safe to eat raw, which are the obvious foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds – but there are a whole array of raw foods both within these particular food groups and also many more outside of them that could very well be new to you.

“Raw food” literally means “uncooked”. You may also have heard the term “living” or “live” food. This is often used interchangeably with “raw” in conversation or in writing, usually because it sounds much more appealing (and gives a better idea as to the feeling of eating this way) but technically the term should really only be applied to those foods that are still alive and growing, like sprouted beans and seeds, and the foods which are commonly referred to as “indoor greens” such as wheatgrass, sunflower greens and pea greens.

Raw food is special specifically because it is raw. By the very fact that it hasn’t been heat-treated, it is replete with everything that enabled it to sprout and grow in the first place – life force, enzymes, water, oxygen, hormones, vitamins and minerals and so much more besides. Untouched, untainted, raw food is quite literally honest food – what you see is what you get. No hidden ingredients, nothing messed around with, just pure delicious fresh live food that we are designed to eat – living food for living bodies.

It’s at this point, when we actually have a first-hand personal experience of eating raw and living foods that the concept of what real food and nutrition is really all about starts to take on a whole new meaning.

But remember, with the food industry trying to poison us with processed foods, added chemicals and carsogens, we have to be careful what we buy for our new raw food life changing experiment. This means the safest way is to buy organic food if possible.


Why Go Raw?

What people tend to find first is that the physical benefits reveal themselves VERY quickly. Granted, this is when people give raw food a “serious” shot, as in, they don’t eat burgers and fries all day, add in some lettuce and tomato and then say “there’s my raw food – so why don’t I feel any better?” You have to give it a chance!

Having said that it is perfectly reasonable and realistic to expect to see and feel noticeable changes physically in as little as 48 hours. These changes can be as simple as niggling aches and pains disappearing, through to seeing a difference in body tone, clearer eyes, a less puffy face on waking and all manner of other things. As you might expect, the longer you do it, the more significant the changes. The body just loves to have a good run of it! Try our 14 day challenge!

It’s perhaps not surprising then that those who have been eating mostly raw food or exclusively raw food for a year or more can often look ten years younger than they actually are, be completely rid of those aches and pains and niggling health issues, have shiny hair, glowing skin and sparkling eyes, not to mention a body that looks and functions like something most of us thought we could only ever dream about.

The fact is that we rejuvenate on raw and living foods. In the process of replacing our cells and bloodstream with cleaner, better nourished more “alive” cells we cannot help but to grow younger and look better. It’s pretty straightforward when you think about it. What you put in you do get out.

In fact, there are many real life case studies of people who have not only got younger-looking and healthier on raw food, but who have recovered from serious illnesses and disease – in some cases they were only days away from death. Such is the power of raw and living foods when used as medicine as well as food.

If you eat at least half of your diet raw for a week (and make sure the cooked foods are “healthy” – e.g. not fried, roasted or microwaved and as pure as you can get them) then by the end of the first week you will undoubtedly feel the difference physically, emotionally and mentally and you may well have lost a couple of pounds, or more!

Once you have had your first experience of life on raw you won’t need me or anyone else to explain why it’s so easy to get excited and passionate about it! The results simply speak for themselves and you’ll know how it feels first-hand, then it’s up to you to decide exactly what you want to do with that. This web site will help you go as far as you want to go.

Whether you choose to try raw food for a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime, or choose to vary the amount of raw food in your diet depending on how you feel, the benefits of raw food are always waiting for you, and can be enjoyed at any time for any reason for the rest of your life!


An Introduction to Raw & Living Foods - Workshop

We will be running a series of fun, informative and delicious half day workshops, allowing yo to immerse yourself in raw foods.

The workshops are structured in such a way that you get to eat your way through breakfast, a main meal (lunch), desserts and more! Not only do you get to feast on mouth-watering raw food, each dish is demonstrated to you plus you'll learn all about the fundamentals of 'eating more raw' as well as what's involved in setting up your raw kitchen at home.
This workshop is 100% vegan and all ingredients used are raw and organic where ever possible. All recipes are FREE FROM dairy, wheat, soy, refined sugar and yeast. Recipes do include nuts and seeds but it may be possible to adapt them if you have a specific requirement (if this is the case please contact me ahead of the workshop).

I have over 5 year’s raw food experience and will impart everything I have learned along the way plus, because I’m a Nutritionist, we will cover nutritional aspects of the food too.

We are working out the dates at the moment and will post them as soon as possible. If you would like to know more now then please get in touch.

Get in touch and lets talk about Raw Food today!

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