Menopause Magic

The Art & Science of Navigating The Change

Lynn Jackson a renowned vibrational energy healer who utilises a powerful approach to wellness and wellbeing developed over the course of twenty-five years of therapeutic practice to help clients break free of the unseen forces, negative energies that are silently sabotaging their personal and professional life. Lynn specialises in Menopause issues with great success. Menopause is a potent time in the lives of most women, and yet, until fairly recently, it has been a very taboo subject.

Now, at last, the media is waking up to the previously unspoken challenges of this biological transition, and yet the narrative is often limited to the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy.


This limited debate robs women of the power of informed choice, and ‘Hotstuff’ has evolved to redress this imbalance and offer an effective array of natural and energy-based solutions, helping women overcome the often-debilitating symptoms and grow beyond the confines of our stereotypical youth-obsessed culture into a rich future that celebrates the power and wisdom of the Elder Woman.

‘Hotstuff’ fuses energy work and lifestyle bio-hacks to effectively alleviate symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood changes, insomnia, weight gain, loss of libido and much more, to help women regain their lives on all levels of their being.

This is the alchemical art and science of consciously embracing change to transform it into a golden metamorphosis.

‘Hotstuff’ is about helping women through the menopause in the fastest time and the easiest, most effective way, using natural solutions and energy medicine.

My secret weapon is a little-known energy technique that got me through the whole thing in four months.

The background to this is that this technique has also worked really well on my clients who’ve given it a go, but most people simply don’t believe me, and refuse to even try it, saying if it was that easy, everybody would be doing it!  Hence I have developed a comprehensive 12-week online programme which gives them a whole gamut of other energy and lifestyle tips and bio-hacks that they do believe, and in addition, I teach them my (unbelievable!) energy technique as well.

This is really powerful stuff, and we are starting an informal monthly get-together, where I can chat about various symptoms and how to manage them (over a cup of my herbal menopause brew!) – providing information on things like diet, exercise, libido, confidence, empowerment, etc., etc.  Stuff that’s designed to garner people’s trust and get them to work deeper with me.



If you’re currently in the mire, please get in touch. I’ve been there, and once I began working consciously with the process and applying my own energy work to myself, I went from hot mess to cool liberation within four months.

I would love to show you the way.

Menopause is a time that demands our focused attention. For many, the symptoms are so debilitating that there is no choice but to pay attention as never before. And for many women – who have always been accustomed to looking after their family’s wellbeing before their own – that is often an alien concept.

But this shift in our mindset is part of the change that ‘The Change’ demands. It is simply Life reminding you that you matter too.

A question to ask yourself is this: How can I support my body’s wellbeing on all levels today? A simple question, but for many, there is no easy answer.

I can help you find those seemingly nebulous solutions and help you walk the path of the most astonishingly effective lifestyle strategies of least resistance.

A client told me yesterday that her monthly bleed has reduced from 10+ days to just ONE DAY after one month of practising some of my energy techniques.

If you’d like to talk to me about this, I’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have, get in touch today.

Time to get your life back.

For the first time in my life, I have been able to go deep into myself and feel safe enough to ‘drop into’ my body and explore feelings and sensations in a way that I’d never believed to be possible. It has been really life changing for me to be able to feel old hurts, shame and stuck energy shift and slip away, and to finally start to believe in myself. Thank you, Lynn, for your wisdom, your amazing energy and for holding the space so beautifully for me. Magical things are happening for me, and for that I am truly grateful.
Annie, Winchester
Annie, Winchester
Since starting Lynn's energy technique, I feel much more balanced, my mood swings are completely minimised, and even the hot flushes are now mild rather than boiling over. I am so much better, both mentally and physically, and honestly, I am amazed at the calmness I am feeling in such a short space of time. This is absolutely fantastic!
C.J. aka Fanny Adams, Instagram’s ‘Menopause Queen’
C.J. aka Fanny Adams, Instagram’s ‘Menopause Queen’

Lynn’s work is powerful energy medicine that has to be experienced to be understood.  A session or series of sessions with her will certainly change your wellbeing and even your life path.

Special Introductory Session Fee : £50

Get in touch today and let’s see how changing your energy pattern can change your life!

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